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Our Tableau certification training program is designed to enhance your skills in analyze data and visualize.The Tableau course imparts the participants with all the essential topics such as Architecture, managing data sources, Data Blending and Tableau Dashboards. Register today for our Tableau certification course to enhance your skills and knowledge and become proficient in Tableau.

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  • What is Data Visualization?
  • Identify the prerequisites, goal, objectives, methodology and Goal.
  • What is Tableau?
  • Features of Tableau.
  • Installation of Tableau Desktop.
  • Interface of Tableau (Layout/Toolbars/Data Pane/Analytics Pane etc).
  • Connection to various data sources
  • SQL Server  Database connectivity and tables
  • ODBC and other sources connectivity
  • Cloud database connectivity(Salesforce, SnowFlake)
  • Introduction to various charts
  • Bar Charts, Line Graphs, Pie Charts
  • Maps, Scatter Plots, Gantt Charts, Bubble Charts
  • Tree maps and Box-and-Whisker Plots
  • Managing Extracts
  • Managing Metadata
  • Visual Analytics
  • Data Granularity using Marks Card
  • Highlighting
  • Highlighting Tables, Heat Maps.
  • Circle Plots
  • Side By Side bar charts, Dual Axis Charts, Area Charts.
  • Waterfall Charts, Bump Chart, Word Cloud Chart, Pareto Charts.
  • Parameter using sets and filter
  • fields : continuous and discrete visualization
  • Quick Sort, Sorting using measure, Sorting using header and legends, sorting 
  • Filtering Use cases covering different options (General, Wildcard, and Conditional).
  • Interactive Filter, Quick Filter, Context Filter.
  • Grouping using Data Window, Visual Grouping, Calculated Grouping (Static and dynamic).
  • Adding trend line and reference line (along with various options available for them)
  • Calculated Metrics, Apply Sorting on Dimension and Measures.
  • Calculating Total and Sub totals.
  • Various Aggregated measures, Percentages.
  • Data Spotlighting, Summary Card, Date and Time Functions.
  • Logical Functions.
  • Hierarchies, Groups and Bins.
  • Quick Table Calculations.
  • Custom Table Calculations,
  • YTD, Parallel Period, Moving Averages.
  • Running totals, Window Averages,
  • Trend Lines and Predictive Models
  • Data Blending from multiple source systems Creating Incremental Loads
  • Creating File Extractions, Parameters
  • Creating Dashboard and learning its UI component.
  • Changing the layout of the dashboard.
  • Using Device Designer to create dashboard for devices.
  • Create an interactive dashboard using actions (Filter, Highlight, URL).
  • Creating story with dashboard.
  • Introduction to Tableau Prep
  • Data transformation and Data cleansing using tableau Prep.
  • Integrating Tableau prep with Tableau Desktop.

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Tableau Certification

SLearn certification is awarded, after successful completion of the project work which shows that trainee have learned, achieved skills and experiences from the project. All the acknowledged trainees are therefore eligible for challenging projects and better job opportunities in MNC's like TCS, IBM, Cisco, Cognizant, Wipro, Dell etc.

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