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Docker Online Course introduces Docker to an Absolute Beginner using really simple and easy to understand will learn Covers fundamental concepts of Docker, Docker basics, Docker installation, and working with containers, Architecture & Components, Docker in DevOps & Docker Networking and more.

Get trained in Docker course from a beginner to an advanced level with our experts.

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  • What is Container? 
  • How to create light-weight images. (techniques).
  • Docker Containers v/s Virtualization.
  • Docker Engine (Understanding Containerization)
  • Architecture (Client | REST API | Docker Daemon)
  • Docker-Hub-Registry (Public | Private).
  • Register/ Sign-up Process
  • Docker Installation Process & Start Docker Engine/Services.
  • Hello-World from Docker (Verification/Validation) 
  • docker login | docker pull | docker images | docker ps | docker top | docker inspect | docker commit | docker prune | docker volumes
  • docker policies and other arguments
  • Understanding Dockerfile and build container images
    • Real-time examples: – 
      • DotNet Application Building.
      • Web-based Apps using Apache 
      • Java-based Spring-Boot Applications
      • Python Applications with dependencies
      • Nodejs | Angular | npm install (package. json)


  • Real time examples
    • Dot Net Application Building.
    • Web-based Apps using Apache
    • Java-based Spring-Boot Applications
    • Python Applications with dependencies
    • Nodejs| Angular | npm install (package. Json)
  • Understanding Jenkins CI-CD and Setup Builds on Jenkins with examples.
  • Creating volumes and attaching to containers (Persistent Data storage)
  • CNM Model for Networking
  • Drivers and creating customer-based networks
  • Deploy Containers (Plug-in/Plug Out)
  • Understanding and learning YAML (for automation)
  • Creating and playing with Single-Service
  • Multi-tier Application (through YAML files)
  • Real-time web-based Project Implementation (Frontend-&-Backend).
  • Understanding Cluster concepts and Environment
  • Setup Cluster Multiple Node Cluster
  • Manager-Node & Worker Nodes and deploy services
  • Build Application Stack (real-time project deployment)
  • Rolling updates, Rollbacks and Scaling Up/down
  • Monitoring using Prometheus and Trouble-shooting skills

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Docker Certification

SLearn certification is awarded, after successful completion of the project work which shows that trainee have learned, achieved skills and experiences from the project. All the acknowledged trainees are therefore eligible for challenging projects and better job opportunities in MNC's like TCS, IBM, Cisco, Cognizant, Wipro, Dell etc.

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