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The Apache JMeter application is open-source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It is backed by a growing community and is widely used and sought for.

In this course, you will learn the various aspects of load testing with the help of JMeter. This includes identifying information needed to gather for Performance or Load Testing, Developing the test cases using JMeter, Working with JMeter Elements, Building a performance suite using JMeter, Gain knowledge about working and generating consolidated reports using JMeter

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  • course Introduction
  • Introduction to web application performance testing
  • What is Performance testing?
  • Performance testing types
    • Stress testing
    • Load Testing
    • Spike Testing
    • Endurance Testing
    • Volume Testing
  • Identify Performance Parameters
    • Response time
    • Throughput
    • Latency
    • Connect Time
    • Memory
    • CPU utilization


  • JMeter basics/terminology
  • JMeter Download/Installation
  • Test Plan
  • Thread Group
  • Controllers
  • Samplers
  • Logic Controllers
  • Listeners
  • Timers
  • Assertions
  • Configuration Elements
  • Pre-Processor Elements
  • Post-Processor Elements
  • Execution Order



  • Adding Virtual Users
  • Adding ramp-up time
  • Adding HTTP Requests
  • Scheduler
  • Adding Listener to View/Store Test Results
  • Analyze the load test results 



  • How to use JMeter templates
  • Recording steps on a website using HTTP Proxy server
  • Configuring the Firefox, IE browsers for recording the test script
  • Record and Playback on sample site
  • Badboy Software & Recording
  • Blazemeter Chrome plugin & Recording


  • Introduction to Listeners
  • Different types of listeners
  • Aggregate Report
  • Aggregate Graph
  • View Results Tree
  • View Results in Table
  • Summary Report
  • Graph Results
  • Save Responses to file
  • Assertion Results



  • What is Assertion
  • Why Assertion
  • Types of Assertions in Jmeter
    • Duration Assertion
    • Size Assertion
    • XML Assertion
    • HTML Assertion
    • Response Assertion
  • Running the tests and analyzing the Assertion results
  • What is timer?
  • Use of timers in a test plan
  • Introduction of various times in Jmeter
    • Constant Timer
    • Gaussian Random Timer
    • Uniform Random Timer
    • Poisson Random Timer
    • Synchronizing Timer
  • Random Controller
  • Loop Controller
  • Recording Controller
  • Simple Controller
  • Throughput Controller
  • Runtime Controller
  • IF Controller
  • While Controller
  • For Each Controller


  • Introduction to API’s
  • Test Plan for API’s
  • RESTful API’s performance testing
  • SOAP APIs performance testing


  • Building a FTP Test Plan
  • FTP – GET (How to test FTP download)
  • FTP – POST (How to test FTP upload)
  • Run the FTP Test Plan
  • Analyze the FTP load tests
  • How to parameterize FTP test plan
  • What is Parameterization
  • Why Parameterize
  • Identifying the test data on AUT
  • Using the CSV Data Config in JMeter Tests
  • How to read data from CSV file using JMeter


  • What is Correlation
  • Why Correlation
  • Regular Expressions
  • Using Regular Expression Extractor in JMeter Tests
  • GUI mode
    • How to generate Graphical results
    • How to generate metrics for CPU, Memory i.e., Servers Performance Monitoring
  • NON GUI mode
    • How to view results when run in Non GUI mode
    • How to get & view real time results when run in Non GUI mode
      • Using Summarizer in JMeter properties file
      • Using Console Status Logger plugin
    • How to generate HTML reports from command line execution in Non GUI mode
    • How to generate HTML reports using existing .jtl/.log/.csv JMeter results file
  • Distributed Load Testing
    • How to build a distributed load tests
    • How to use Throughput Controller to support distributed load tests
  • How to use JMeter to run scheduled & sequential execution
    • Run JMeter tests for a specified duration
    • Run JMeter tests in a sequential manner i.e., thread after thread
    • Run JMeter tests in a sequential/parallel manner with start-up delay between threads
  • How to use JMeter to set realistic performance test – PACING ?
  • Understanding JMeter Functions & usage
  • Understanding JMeter Variables & usage
  • HTTP Cache Manager
    • Run the JMeter tests with ‘Clear cache each iteration’ checked
    • Max number of elements in cache
    • Run the JMeter tests with ‘Clear cache each iteration’ un-checked
  • HTTP Cookie Manager
    • Run the JMeter tests without HTTP Cookie Manager added & analyze View Results Tree
    • Run the JMeter tests with HTTP Cookie Manager added & analyze View Results Tree when
      • Clear Cookies each iteration is checked
      • Clear Cookies each iteration is unchecked
  • HTTP Header Manager
  • How to create reusable test scripts & save them as JMeter Templates
  • JMeter Plugins
    • How to install/use JMeter Plug In Manager
  • Pre Processor –
    • How to use HTML Link Parser
    • How to use Sample Timeout
    • How to use User Parameters
  • Post Processor
    • How to use Debug Post Processor in JMeter
    • How to use Regular Expression Extractor in JMeter
    • How to test File Uploads using JMeter
    • How to test File Downloads using JMeter
    • How to use & test SMTP Sampler in JMeter
    • How to use & test Mail Reader Sampler in JMeter
  • JMeter hands on assignments against different public web application(s)

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