API Testing

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This course is designed to cover all aspects of API testing & Postman tool and also to provide users with the knowledge required to work with Postman tool at a professional level. This course addresses planning and performing API tests, developing the pre-test & post-test scripts using Postman, executing the API tests and generating HTML reports using different tools like Newman.

The course covers real-world best practices for effective use of Postman tool for API testing with practical examples demonstrated.

An assessment is included with the course and is a 30 minutes exam, 20 questions, multiple- choice exam which takes place on the final day of training program.

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  • Certification
  • Instructor Led Training


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  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction to web application architecture
  • Introduction to
    • Client & Server model
    • HTTP & HTTPS protocols
    • SSL & TLS protocols
    • Hand-shake process
    • HTTP Request Headers
    • HTTP Response Headers
    • Request & Response Cookies
    • HTTP Methods/HTTP verbs
  • Safe methods vs Unsafe methods
    • GET
    • POST
    • PUT
    • PATCH
    • DELETE
  • Introduction to APIs
  • Where does an API reside i.e., middle-ware layer/business layer
  • Introduction to API architecture/Web-Services
    • REST API
    • SOAP API 
  • What is API testing?
  • Advantages of API testing
  • Testing techniques used in API testing
  • Definition of API --> Understanding Protocol, API URI, end points, Query Parameters, Resources, HTTP verbs, Request body, Authentication type
  • Why Postman for API Testing ?
  • What is Postman tool
  • Installation of Native Postman tool for Windows OS
  • Introduction to Postman landscape
  • Introduction to Postman Settings & GUI
  • Introduction to Postman API network & Postman Templates
  • An introduction to Workspaces (Personal, Team, Public, Private)
  • How to create and manage Workspaces
  • Invite to Workspaces
  • Leave Workspace & Delete Workspace
  • Collaboration of Workspaces
  • What are SOAP web-services/APIs
  • What is WSDL file
  • Installation of Wizdler tool as a chrome app for the chrome browser for Windows OS/Mac OS
  • Introduction to Wizdler tool
  • How to parse SOAP WSDL file using Wizdler tool
  • Testing SOAP APIs using Wizdler tool & Postman tool
  • Understanding Request headers & Response headers
  • Understanding Authentication API examples using Wizdler tool
  • Testing REST API request using Postman tool with HTTP protocol & HTTPS protocol
  • Testing SOAP API request using Postman tool
  • Validating Response Code, Response Description, Response Body, Cookies, Response Time, Response Size, HTTP Request Headers, HTTP Response Headers
  • Functional Testing of API’s (Positive & Negative Test Cases)
  • Understanding History tab in Postman tool [Save Responses, Delete, Clear All, Add]
  • REST API testing with authentication types [BASIC AUTH, DIGEST AUTH, ACCESS TOKEN]
  • Understanding query parameters on sending API request
  • Validating REST API that returns JSON/XML/HTML/IMAGES/DOCUMENTS with Postman client
  • Examples on validating response headers and status codes
  • What are Cookies & How to understand Cookies parameters
  • Analyzing Cookies after API response is received
  • Saving API responses in Postman client
  • Find & Replace option in Postman client
  • Postman – Browse view, Build view, Boot camp view, 2 pane view, console view
  • Introduction to Collections
  • Creating & Understanding Collections feature
  • Setting up Test Project & Collections with REST APIs
  • Setting up Test Project & Collections with SOAP APIs
  • Exporting & Importing collections in .JSON format, from Postman tool and to Postman tool
  • Share Collections [internal Workspaces and to external users]
  • Run Collections Remotely with Collection URL
  • View & Collaborate Collections documentation in Postman web dashboard
  • Introduction to Collection Runner 
  • Introduction to Collection- Changelog
  • Introduction to Collection Results - View/Download/Delete Historical Collection runs
  • Publishing Collections to Postman API Network & Templates
  • Unpublishing the Collections from Postman API Network & Templates
  • Create a Fork request, Create Pull request, Merge Changes in Postman tool
  • How to create Mock APIs using GET, POST, PUT, DELETE methods to simulate API response
  • Understanding cURL commands syntax for GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE HTTP methods
  • Deriving API URL and end point from cURL commands
  • Importing an API request from a browser into Postman tool
  • Importing an API request from a cURL command into Postman tool
  • Execution of imported cURL commands in the Postman tool
  • Introduction to Postman variables
    • Collection/Private variables [at different levels such as protocol, BaseURL, EndPoint, Request Headers, Request Body, Query Params, Authorization]
    • Global variables [at different levels such as protocol, BaseURL, EndPoint, Request Headers, Request Body, Query Params, Authorization]
    • Environment variables  [at different levels such as protocol, BaseURL, EndPoint, Request Headers, Request Body, Query Params, Authorization]
  • How to set and get collection/private variables through wizard & manual ways
  • How to set and get Global variables through pre-request scrips at all layers [API, Folder, Collection]
  • How to set & get Environment variables thro pre-request scrips at all layers [API, Folder, Collection]
  • Creating Global & Environment variables and its usage at API, Folder & Collection levels
  • How to use Postman proxy to record all API calls from a browser
  • Postman monitors- Scheduling the API testing periodically (Monitors)
  • How to create quick automation test scripts using reusable Java Scripts/code snippets
  • How to create Pre-request scripts using reusable Java Scripts/code snippets
  • API chaining of API requests
  • Grabbing the response body into string for advance validations
  • Data Driven API testing using external data sources
    • CSV
    • JSON
  • Performance/Load testing of API testing in Postman tool
  • Introducting delays for scheduled or continuous load API testing
  • Command line execution with Newman tool
  • Basic introduction to NPM tool & NodeJS
  • Installing NodeJS & Newman tool
  • Running a collection with Newman tool
  • Exploring and Execution of all CLI commands using Newman tool
  • Generating the API test report(s) using Newman tool
    • JSON/CL
  • How to debug & troubleshoot in Postman
  • Logging feature to debug automation scripts
    • console.log | console.debug | console.info | console.warn | console.error
  • Postman APIs integration with CI/CD (Jenkins)
  • Using Postman to Create a Reusable API Framework
  • Postman Tool hands on assignments against a REST & SOAP Web-Services/APIs
  • Building Test Plan & Test Cases for an API project
  • API objective/subjective test assessment

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