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Informatica Cloud is an on-demand cloud integration and ETL platform.It is a unique method to handle and manage huge data within in the enterprise.Through this course you will get indepth knowledge on concepts like informatica cloud and IISC secure agent architecture, creating salesforce basics, tools, connections, and web services. Moreover, You will have 24 hours of online support and work on two Projects to enhance your learning experience. Enrol today for our Informatica Cloud Certification online course.

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  • Informatica Cloud
  • Data Synchronization
  • Data Replication
  • Informatica Cloud Applications
  • Informatica Cloud - Key Terms



  • Informatica Cloud Architecture
  • Informatica Cloud Secure Agent
  • Runtime Environments
  • Configuring a secure agent
  • IICS Connections & Types & Properties
  • Configuring a connection
  • Creating an Oracle connection
  • Creating a Connection
  • Creating a Flat File Connection
  • Add-on Connectors
  • Data Replication App Overview
  • Data Replication Features and Benefits
  • Creating a Data Replication Task
  • Data filters in Replication
  • Incremental Processing
  • Pre and Post-Processing Commands
  • Data Replication other options
  • Data Synchronization App Overview
  • Data Synchronization Features and Benefits
  • Creating a Data Synchronization Task
  • Data filters in Synchronization
  • Field Expressions in Synchronization
  • Pre and Post-Processing Commands
  • Multiple Object Source Type
  • Saved Queries
  • Cloud Mapping Designer
  • Transformations in Cloud Mapping Designer
  • Creating a simple mapping with source and target
  • Mapping Validation
  • Creating mapping task
  • Expression Transformation
  • Sorter Transformation
  • Filter Transformation
  • Router Transformation
  • Sequence Generator
  • Connected and Unconnected Lookup Transformation
  • Joiner Transformation
  • Field Rules: Renaming Fields, Selection Criteria
  • Union Transformation
  • Rank Transformation
  • SQL Transformation
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Normalizer Transformation
  • Pre and Post SQLs
  • Source level Pre and Post SQLs
  • Target level Pre and Post SQLs
  • Parameterization use cases
  • Adding Parameters to a Mapping
  • Parameter Types
  • Parameter Panel and Best Practices
  • Setting Up a Parameter File
  • Linear Taskflow Overview
  • Tasks included in a Linear Taskflow
  • Properties of a Linear Taskflow
  • Template Taskflow overview
  • Properties of a Template Taskflow
  • Partitioning Concept
  • Types of Partitions in IICS
  • Partitioning for relational & flat files
  • Schedules
  • Schedule Repeat Frequency
  • Repeat Frequency Options
  • Schedule Blackout Period
  • Email Notifications
  • Introduction to Salesforce
  • Salesforce features
  • Standard & Custome Objects in Salesforce
  • Profile and Security token setup
  • IICS connection creation
  • Concept of Salesforce Id
  • Concept of External Id
  • Workbench
  • Data Loader
  • Mapping, Sync and Replication task for SFDC
  • Hierarchical Schemas
  • Hierarchy Parser Transformation
  • Hierarchy Builder Transformation
  • Web Services: SOAP/REST
  • Create WSConsumer connection
  • Create business service
  • Web Service Transformation
  • Using Web Service Transformation in a mapping
  • User Roles
  • Asset Level Permissions
  • Rules and Guidelines for Permissions
  • Project or Folder Access Using User Groups
  • Administrative settings for the organization
  • User Roles
  • User Groups
  • Organization hierarchy
  • Migrating Assets

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Informatica Cloud Certification

SLearn certification is awarded, after successful completion of the project work which shows that trainee have learned, achieved skills and experiences from the project. All the acknowledged trainees are therefore eligible for challenging projects and better job opportunities in MNC's like TCS, IBM, Cisco, Cognizant, Wipro, Dell etc.

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