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Our SAP Workflow Online Certification Training solely focuses on enhancing skills of the career-driven students and professionals. It is available in online mode for the best training at your own place. Through this course, trainees will get extensive knowledge on concepts like Workflow Architecture, Workflow Customization, Workflow Agents, Workflow Rule, etc. Moreover, you will have 24 hours of online support to enhance your learning experience. Enrol now to know more about the course and get certified in it.

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Key Features

  • Flexible Schedule
  • 24 x 7 Lifetime Support
  • Certification
  • Instructor Led Training


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  • Step
  • Agent
  • Outcome
  • Triggering event
  • Terminating event
  • Workflow Execution flow
  • Work item
  • Notification Email
  • Business Object
  • Definition Environment Settings
  • Runtime Environment Settings
  • Setting Workflow Administrator
  • Setting RFC Destination
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Maintaining Prefix Numbers
  • Plan Version
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Deadline Monitoring
  • Missed Deadline
  • Workflow Utilities
  • Work item Selection
  • Workflow Customization
  • Consistency Check
  • Event Simulation
  • Event Linkage
  • Forwarding and Substitutes.
  • Forwarding work item
  • Forwarding conditions
  • Maintaining Substitutes
  • Deleting Substitutes
  • Approval Matrix
  • Approval limits
  • Approval Matrix Table
  • Standard task
  • Customer Task
  • Workflow Task
  • Workflow Template Task Group
  • General Task
  • Possible Agents
  • Permitted Agents
  • Excluded Agents
  • Selected Agents
  • Actual Agent
  • Task level Agents
  • Workflow Level Agents
  • General Real lime issues with General Task
  • Rule
  • Expression
  • Organization Unit
  • Rule Container
  • Rule Binding
  • Rule Creation
  • Simulating a Rule
  • Attaching a Rule
  • Rule Resolution
  • Exception handling in a Rule
  • General Real time issues with Rule Assignment
  • Organizational Unit
  • Jobs
  • Positions
  • Holder
  • Linking Organizational Unit to Workflow
  • Advantage of using Organizational units
  • Task Container
  • Workflow Container
  • Event Container
  • Rule Container
  • Method Container
  • Local container
  • Container Elements
  • Multilane
  • Import
  • Export
  • Job
  • Position
  • Work Center

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WorkFlow Certification

SLearn certification is awarded, after successful completion of the project work which shows that trainee have learned, achieved skills and experiences from the project. All the acknowledged trainees are therefore eligible for challenging projects and better job opportunities in MNC's like TCS, IBM, Cisco, Cognizant, Wipro, Dell etc.

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