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SLearn offers the best SAP UI5 online training course, which is designed by IT professionals in the IT industry. The goal of this course is to introduce you to the methodologies, tools, and best practices for formulating, designing, and improving your very own SAP Fiori application. Through this course, you will get familiar with topics like Mapping, integrated configuration,  Runtime workbench, NODE Function, Adapters, etc. Enrol now to know more about the course and get certified in it.

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  • What is SAP UI5 framework?
  • Development tools and introduction
  • Introduction to SAP WebIDE personal edition and WebIDE Full Stack Edition
  • WebIDE Setup and installation
  • Configuration from local computer for WebIDE
  • Connect WebIDE to gateway
  • Destination configuration
  • Creating our first web page
  • Line breaks, paragraphs and headers
  • Bold, italics and comments
  • Lists
  • Linking to another page
  • images
  • directory structures
  • New audio tag, New video tag
  • Table
  • Forms, Get/Post method, action
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Relating HTML Elements
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • External style sheet
  • Font properties
  • CSS comments
  • Box model, padding, border, margin, padding
  • Classes
  • Div and Span
  • Working with colors
  • Background images
  • ID's, child selectors, pseudo classes
  • Styling links, styling lists
  • Rounded corners
  • Linear gradient
  • Float and clear
  • New tags for the layout
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Statements and Comments, Finding Errors, Variables, Data Types
  • Operators, Strings, Events
  • Functions, Functions with Parameters, Functional with Multiple Parameters
  • Variable scope, Arrays
  • Statements if, else, nesting if, Complex Conditions, switch, While loop, for loop
  • Objects, properties and methods, Referencing elements in JavaScript
  • Changing an image source, Forms, form values, Form validation text boxes, and passwords, Radio buttons, Check Boxes
  • Creating HTML Element, Modifying HTML Elements
  • Appending HTML Elements, Deleting HTML Elements
  • Regular Expressions, Object oriented Javascript, Prototype in Javascript
  • Javascript Literals, Javascript Objects, properties, and functions
  • How to refer external JS libraries like jQuery
  • Write less do more, jQuery functions, actions and methods
  • Selectors, Events, DOM Manipulation
  • Installing SAPUI5
    • SAPUI5 Tools
    • Versioning of SAPUI5
    • Upgrading jQuery for SAPUI5
    • Documentation
  • Before you start
  • Naming Conventions for Control and Application Development
  • Browser and Platform Matrixes
  • Compatibility Rules
  • Experimental Flag
  • Security Information for SAPUI5
  • Getting Started with SAPUI5
    • Create Your First SAPUI5 Application
    • Create Your First Mobile SAPUI5 Application
    • Develop Your First Application using SAPUI5 Tools
    • Testing SAPUI5 Applications
  • Concepts
    • Model View Controller (MVC)
    • Resource Handling
    • Libraries
    • SAPUI5 Components
    • Fragments
  • Application Best Practice
    • Preparing
    • Building
  • Initializing and Loading SAPUI5
    • Bootstrapping: Loading and Initializing SAPUI5 in HTML Pages
    • Initialization Process
    • Configuration of the SAPUI5 Runtime
  • Models and Data Binding
    • Data Binding: Getting Started
    • Models and Data Binding in Applications
    • Binding Types
    • Using the Data Binding Type System
    • Calculated Fields for Data Binding
    • Using Data Binding for Data Export
    • Property Metadata Binding
  • Building the UI
    • Instantiating Views
    • Implementing XML Views
    • Handling Events in JSON Views
    • Typed Views and Controllers
    • File Names and Locations (View and Controller)
    • View Cloning
    • Support for Unique IDs
    • Fragments
    • HTML Templating in SAPUI5
    • Navigation
    • Working with Controls in SAPUI5
    • Declarative Support
  • Structuring SAPUI5 Applications
    • Modularization and Resource Handling
    • SAPUI5 Components
  • Translating SAPUI5 Applications
    • Identifying the Language Code / Locale
    • Resource Bundles
    • Use of Localized Texts in Applications
    • Support Translation
  • Component.js
    • Example: Component Configuration
    • Controller Extension & Controller Replacement
    • I18n Resource Text Customization
    • Limitations
    • Caveats Regarding Stability Across Application Upgrades
    • Supportability
  • Building Mobile Applications with SAPUI5
    • Handling Navigation and Lifecycle Events
    • Adapting to Platform and Form Factors
    • Working with Lists and Tables
    • Triggering Phone, SMS and E-Mail
    • Scrolling in SAPUI5 Mobile
    • Running SAPUI5 Mobile Apps in Hybrid Web Containers
    • Using Images in Mobile Applications
    • Message Handling
    • Mobile Events
    • Performance Behavior
    • Building Charts with SAP VIZ
  • Troubleshooting
    • Debugging
    • Logging and Tracing
    • Troubleshooting: Common Issues
    • Browser Debugging for ABAP Developers
    • SAPUI5 Diagnostics
    • SAPUI5 Mobile Diagnostics
  • Testing in SAPUI5
  • Developing Content for SAPUI5
    • Development Conventions and Guidelines
    • Create a new SAPUI5 application
    • Development process overview
    • Development environment overview
    • Building SAP Fiori-like UIs with SAPUI

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