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SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) is a suite of applications that allows you to prepare and display data.
SAS Business Intelligence allows its users to use an integrated, stout and flexible presentation layer for SAS Analytics potential, including statistics, data and text mining, predictive analytics, forecasting, and optimization – all integrated within the business context for better, faster decision making.

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  • Exploring the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • Introduction to SAS Data Integration Applications
  • Introduction to change management
  • Register Tables wizard to register metadata for a Microsoft Access database table using ODBC.
  • Register metadata for a comma-delimited external file
  • Registering target tables
  • Importing metadata
  • Introduction to Jobs and Job Editor
  • Exploring functionality of Job Editor
  • Submitting jobs to create target tables
  • Working with Jobs
  • Working with extract transformation
  • Working with Sort transformation
  • Working with Append transformation
  • Working with Splitter transformation
  • Working with SQL transformation
  • Working with User written code transformation
  • Working with summary statistics transformation
  • Working with the loop transformations
  • Explaining status handling
  • Working with the transpose transformation
  • Working with Rank transformation
  • Working with the apply lookup standardization transformation
  • Basic of the  table loader transformation
  • Load style of the table loader transformation
  • Table properties and load techniques of the table loader transformation
  • Defining slowly changing dimensions
  • Working with SCD Type 2 loader transformation
  • Working with SAS code transformation
  • Using new transformation wizard
  • Specify how to deploy jobs for batch scheduling
  • Specify how to deploy jobs as stored processes
  • Provide an overview of the scheduling process
  • Discuss the Schedule Manager in SAS Management Console
  • How schedule a jobs
  • How to take the backup of a job (i.e. Packages)
  • Utilize different data sources.
  •  Use filters and the prompting framework
  •   Dynamically subset data.
  •  Create prefilters to subset the information map data.
  • Introduction to OLAP Cubes
  • Introduction to Online Analytical Processing
  • Overview of SAS OLAP Cube Studio
  • Registering Metadata
  • Data Sources for WRS
  • Creating a New report
  • Add New Rows/Columns
  • Adding prompts
  • Adding Totals and sub totals
  • Conditional Highlighting
  • Exporting data
  • Creating the Libraries
  • Creating the Flows for scheduling jobs
  • Load Sharing Flat form
  • Checking the jobs user wise, State wise, Event Wise
  • Creating calendar

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SAS BI Certification

SLearn certification is awarded, after successful completion of the project work which shows that trainee have learned, achieved skills and experiences from the project. All the acknowledged trainees are therefore eligible for challenging projects and better job opportunities in MNC's like TCS, IBM, Cisco, Cognizant, Wipro, Dell etc.

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