Oracle Fusion Financials

1 Courses 2 Projects 30 Days


In this Oracle Fusion Financials course, you will master the Modules like General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Cash Management (CM), and Fixed Assets (FA). You will work on two Projects to get immense hands-on experience.Enrol now into Oracle Fusion Financials training & Become Certified.

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  • Oracle Fusion General Ledger 
  • Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables 
  • Oracle Fusion Accounts Receivable 
  • Oracle Fusion Cash Management 
  • Oracle Fusion Fixed Assets 
  • Oracle Fusion Expense 
  • Oracle Fusion Purchasing 
  • Oracle Fusion Tax 
  • Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) 
  • Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
  • Oracle Authorization Policy Manager (APM) 
  • Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)  
  • Create Accounting Calendar 
  • Create/Enable Currencies 
  • Create Value Sets 
  • Create Chart of Accounts 
  • Create Chart of Accounts Instance 
  • Create Primary Ledger 
  • Setup Ledger Options 
  • Create Legal Entity 
  • Complete Primary Ledger Definition 
  • Review General Ledger Role Template 
  • Assign Data Roles to User 
  • Run LDAP Job 
  • Open GL Periods 
  • Account Hierarchy Creation 
  • Create Business Unit Locations 
  • Create Reference Data Sets 
  • Create Business Units 
  • Assign Business Unit Functions to Business Unit 
  • Create Legislative Data Group 
  • Assign Legislative Data Group to LE 
  • Create Employee User 
  • Assign Implementation Consultant Roles to User 
  • Create Procurement Agents 
  • Common Options for Payables and Procurement 
  • Invoice Options Configuration 
  • Payment Options Configuration 
  • Create Payment Terms 
  • Create Distribution Sets 
  • Setting up Suppliers Number 
  • Assign Supplier Roles to User 
  • Create Supplier 
  • Create Supplier Addresses 
  • Create Supplier Sites 
  • Assigning Supplier Sites to Procurement Business Units 
  • Create Banks 
  • Create Branches 
  • Create Bank Accounts 
  • Create Payables Documents 
  • Create Payment Method 
  • Defining Payment Formats 
  • Create Payment Process Profile 
  • Introduction to Payables Role Templates 
  • Assigning Data Roles to User 
  • Submitting LDAP Job 
  • Open Payables Periods 
  • Receivables System Options Configuration 
  • Define Transaction Types 
  • Define Transaction Sources 
  • Auto Accounting Configuration 
  • Create Payment Terms 
  • Create Statement Cycles 
  • Collector Creation 
  • Create Customer Profile Class 
  • Create Reference Data Set for Customer Site 
  • Create Customer 
  • Create Customer Site/Address 
  • Create Remit-to-Address 
  • Memo Lines Creation 
  • Create Receivable Activities 
  • Create Receipt Classes & Methods 
  • Create Receipt Source 
  • Overview on AR Role Template 
  • Assign Receivables Data Roles to User 
  • Submitting LDAP Job 
  • Open Receivables Periods 
  • Manual Bank Statement Creation 
  • Manual Reconciliation 
  • Automatic Reconciliation 
  • Generate Cash Transactions 
  • External Cash Transactions 
  • CM to GL Reconciliation
  • Create Value Sets for Category KFF 
  • Create Value Sets for Location KFF 
  • Create Value Sets for Asset Key KFF 
  • Create Category KFF Structure 
  • Create Location KFF Structure 
  • Create Asset Key KFF Structure 
  • Create Category KFF Structure Instance 
  • Create Location KFF Structure Instance 
  • Create Asset Key KFF Structure Instance 
  • Create Segment Values to 3 KFF Segments 
  • Configure System Controls 
  • Create Fiscal Year Calendar 
  • Create Asset Calendar 
  • Define Prorate Convention
  • Create Prorate Calendar 
  • Create Asset Book 
  • Create Tax Book 
  • Create Asset Categories 
  • Overview on Asset Book Role Template 
  • Assign Data Roles to User 
  • Setup Expense System Options 
  • Create Expense Report Templates 
  • Define Expense Approval Rules 
  • Assign Data Roles to User 
  • Run LDAP Job 
  • Set Default Expense Account for Employee
  • Create Inventory Location 
  • Assign Business Unit Business Function for Procurement 
  • Define Facilities for Procurement 
    •  Facility Shifts 
    •  Facility Workday Pattern 
    •  Facility Schedules 
  • Create Item Master Inventory Organization 
  • Create Actual Inventory Organization 
  • Configure Procurement Business Function 
  • Configure Requisitioning Business Function 
  • Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement 
  • Receiving Parameters 
  • Procurement Agent 
  • Manage Transaction Account Definitions 
  • Manage Account Rules 
  • Transaction Account Definition 
  • Setting Subledger Accounting Options 
  • Create Approval Group 
  • Manage Purchasing Document Approvals - Setup Approvals - Parallel 
  • Assign Data Roles to User 
  • Run LDAP Job for Roles Synchronization 
  • Create Tax Regime 
  • Create Tax 
  • Create Tax Jurisdiction 
  • Create Tax Status 
  • Create Tax Rates 
  • Application Tax Options 
  • Tax Owner Configuration 
  • Assign Tax to Supplier (Profile/Header & Address) 
  • Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM) 
  • Understanding Application Implementation Process through FSM 
  • Understanding Offerings 
  • Understanding Options 
  • Enabling Offerings 
  • Implementation Project Creation 
  • Task Assignments to Team Members 
  • Status Tracking 
  • Understating Task Lists/Tasks 
  • Overview on Offerings Documentation 
  • Overview on Rapid Implementation Process 
  • Implementation User Creation 
  • Role Provisioning 
  • Custom Roles Creation
  • Role Templates 
  • Oracle Delivered Roles 
  • Generating Custom Data Roles
  • Approval Groups Creation 
  • Approval Rule Definitions 


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